Traveling Alone Makes You A Better Person.

If you've been thinking of traveling alone, don't think, just go because this is one hell of an opportunity that you may not be able to choose after a point in life.

Traveling alone forces you to have the confidence to talk to complete strangers on an almost daily basis, from making friends with other travelers in a hostel, or having to ask for help from a local in a shop or tour office. If you didn't have that confidence before your travels, you sure will afterwards because you don’t have another choice, unless you plan to talk to no one for your entire trip. Once you start to get into the swing of introducing yourself to strangers, the process becomes easier and you’ll find yourself naturally growing more confident without even realising it.

You Learn About Yourself
You can spend thousands on a therapist…or, you can just book a flight to someplace out of your comfort zone (preferably where English is not the primary language). Traveling alone forces you to deal with yourself, and in the process, you learn a lot about who you are and what makes you happy. Free from the distractions of everyday life and multiple devices, you’re able to focus on your goals, issues, relationships, and personality strengths and weaknesses.

Learning to be alone.
Have lunch with yourself. Sit with your thoughts and be okay with them, whatever they are. Love yourself wholeheartedly, especially in times of solitude. And when you think you can’t sit alone any longer, order coffee and a dessert.

You never return the way you left.
Venturing out alone renews your spirit in the most positive way. It changes your energy, your perspective of the world, the way you view others and the way you view yourself. You become a bit more fearless and more confident in your abilities to figure things out on your own.

Making new friends abroad is amazing.
A solo trip is never really spent completely in solitude because you will meet other travelers just like yourself. You will share stories and realize how much you all have in common and you'll realize, you're not ever really alone at all.

Learning to be patient.
Don’t rush through the museum. Don’t rush through your meal. Don’t bounce your leg up and down or roll your eyes. Don't yell at anyone for reading the map wrong and getting lost. Don't worry, you'll get there.

Missing home.
Appreciate family, friends, and loved ones. Appreciate the comfort of mundane routines. Find a new found respect for the life you often wish to escape.

Goodbye is not forever, life has endless possibilities. 
Family becomes more than just blood. Never say goodbye to the people you meet and the places you see. Cherish the new families and homes you’ve gained. Keep in touch and look back with fond memories from time to time.

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