Unique souvenirs from Japan for everyone.

For souvenirs, you would prefer to pick items That can best Represent Japan and at the same time rarely seen Outside the country. I'd like to Introduce That some souvenirs are popular amoung overseas Tourists, and Where to get Them.

 1. Candy & Snacks

Japanese snacks are so good That They've started to Infiltrate Supermarkets worldwide. You probably know about price and Pocky and wheres to get THEM WHERE you live (if you can). But going to Japan is an entirely different experience. You will forget about Pocky and price - at least the regular chocolate flavors. Your eyes will glitter at the Expanse of cakes and chocolates and candied cracker in SO MANY DIFFERENT Flavor That You Do not Even Know Where to begin.

You can begin here, which is a list of all the articles on Tsunagu tagged with “snacks.” If you buy these the day before you leave Japan, they will stay fine en route to your final destination (make sure you put them in your carry-on luggage). You can also buy boxes of snacks–some on the more traditional side–at the airport. Just make sure they don’t have liquid if you are planning to put them in your carry-on luggage.

2. Sushi that’s not sushi

You can’t take real sushi home with you, but you can buy all kinds of sushi-themed gift items! Japan is bursting with toys and gadgets in the shape of plastic sushi. These good-enough-to-eat USB memory sticks.

3. Mosquito coil pigs

These distinctive dark green insect-repellent coils, called katori senkĊ, and the ceramic pigs who hold them, can be a heady nostalgic memento of Japanese summers.

4. Cat goods

Are you buying a souvenir for someone who loves cats?
You are in the correct country.
Cat. Things. Are. Everywhere. Cat watches. Cat bags. Shoes with cats. Coats with cat patterns. Cat mugs. Cat porcelain. Cat socks. Cat earrings. Cat hats. Cat plates. Cat tissue holders. Cat wallets. Giant cat plush. Small cat plushies. Cat keychains. Cat charms. Cat lingerie. Cat phone cases. Cat earphones. Cat tumblers. I could go on.

5. Stove top protectors

Sure, you could protect your stove top by covering it with aluminium foil, and pick it off bit by bit every time you clean it. Or, you could buy a set of these handy covers, which fit snugly into the stove top like a giant bib. Probably better as a souvenir for yourself, as we suspect these would not be so well received as a gift for your loved one.

6. Fake plastic food

You can buy plastic models of food to take home, whether as keychains or paperweights or full-on models. This is definitely a souvenir people might not expect, which is why you should give this to them and watch their faces go from questioning to even more questioning.

7. Train goods

Japan is heaven for trainspotters. Trains, everywhere. So many trains. A train every few seconds. A train for everyone, young and old.

For the train lover in your life, you can get them anything their heart desires based on Japanese trains. A train plushie? This exists. A train towel? This exists, too. Cookies shaped like trains. Train keychains. Train tumblers. Train socks. Train onesies. Tote bags with trains. Train tissue boxes. Train t-shirts. Train planners. Train pens. Train pencil cases. Train wallets. GO WILD.

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