What can I do if my partner's body odor is keeping me awake?

So if your partner's body odor is keeping you awake. 

There's a few things you want to do. Number one is look at their diet. Body odor is very consistent with what it is you are eating. If you've ever heard of people sweating garlic, you know what that means, is that people who have high garlic content, you can actually smell it in their body odor. Often times, I have people shower before bed and change their clothes before bed. Having a specific night wear, specifically some type of pajamas is what you're looking for. Often times, if you're going to have somebody who wears the same pajamas over and over, actually a polyester is going to be better than cotton, because cotton will absorb all of that odor when and the sweat, whereas the poly-blend probably won't . Michael Breus, PhD Sleep Specialist

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