3 Stories To Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Every morning we wake up to read a newspaper filled with incidents of crime, politics and negativity. Indeed it makes us believe that our world is full of despair and anxiety, but in this world, even a vague wind of hope can do wonders. A small act of kindness can make us feel good and could help us in appreciating the rectitude around us.

SourceFed’s video “3 Stories That WILL MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD!” is an unconventional approach to restore our faith in humanity. In this video, Joe Bereta elucidates the 3 avant-garde incidents, which come across as rays of hope in our bleak world.

1. The story of Alex Pring

Sometimes, we gain things that can just change our lives.At the age of 2 or 3, when the little boy Alex Pring rued before his mother that he did not have a hand, it was one of the most emotional scenes ever. Little did he know that at the age of 6, he would be gifted with a present that would make him feel good about himself. Little Alex was born with only half of his right hand and had to battle with this disability for 6 long years until a group of students from the University of Central Florida changed his life forever. Now, he can move around and work just like another normal person.

2. The story of Tichelle Florence

Accidents can happen anytime and sometimes, they can have devastating effects. Imagine the trauma a 19 year old young Tichelle Florence might have undergone when the doctors told her that she would not be able to stand on her feet again. But thanks to the perseverance of Kellye, 6 years after the incident, Tichelle went on to participate in the Atlanta Race. We can do a lot with perseverance and the dedication and belief that we will be able to make it. Often, it is the belief that counts.

It's not just us humans who bully the weak. Animals, includingdogs do it too. How could you overlook the goodness if you get to know that a dog who was bullied by his siblings became an Internet sensation after adoption by a family? TurboRoo is a Chihuahua breed dog who was intimidated by other dogs because he was born without front legs. A family adopted him, strived hard and finally succeeded in making his life easier. Now, he doesn't fear other dogs and lives a happy life. The story is one of the heart touching ones as to how we can make a difference in our and other's lives, if we have the will.

Some stories are not just read, they are seen as well. Want to know how the life of Alex, Tichelle and TurboRoo changed forever? Sit back, enjoy yourself and watch this video on YouTube, so as to experience a warm feeling inside.

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