Five Sexual Myths Unveiled

Sex can be an incredibly wonderful experiment, time to be close with your lover and a time for intimacy and feeling good. It can also be a complete nightmare. How do men really feel about their sex lives and what are their preferences? It is all a confusing mystery, but there are a few myths that we have uncovered that may be good news for some. 

1. Men feel insecure about their bodies also. Women feel they have the corner of the market on body issues, but men experience concerns as well and may not always feel they are as attractive as their lover.

2. Ask men before nipple play. Don't assume that just because you enjoy having your nipples touched, that men do too. In fact only about half of all men enjoy it or get any positive reaction from it.

3. Men like to cuddle, but are afraid to ask. It really is difficult for a tough guy to ask for some cuddle time, but they crave it and sometimes even more than their female counterparts.

4. They are not all obsessed with anal sex. Some men may think that they want to do this, they when it actually takes place, it is not all it is "cracked" up to be. 

5. Losing an erection is not about you. Your man may be going through a tough time with his body, be experiencing hormonal changes, low testosterone levels or insecurities that mentally cause the body not to cooperate with the situation.
The most important thing about sex is to have the ability to ask your lover what they like and be willing to meet their sexual needs. Sometimes people are not sexually compatible, but that does not mean that something is wrong with you. There are over 5 billion people on the planet all with their individual preferences. Being open and excited about sex is the turn on for all concerned.

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