The Interesting Things About Your Deep Sleep

Though everyone has to sleep at one point in time, there are many different important things that people do not know about the topic 'sleep'. Some of which people may only find out by their own personal experiences, others may only be discovered through the facts that scientists share. With this said, here's 10 fun facts about sleep you didn't know.

1 - Lack of Sleep Causes Numerous Serious Health Problems

Getting the proper amount of sleep is not only necessary, but also critical to the overall health of the individual. For example, when sleep was withdrawn for an extended period of time, the individual experienced a wide diversity of health problems including memory and concentration lapses, blurred vision, hallucinations, paranoia, and slurred speech.

2 - Newborns Require a Lot of Extra Sleep - While Moms Lose Hundreds of Hours each Year

Everyone knows that newborns do a lot of crying. So, it's a well known fact that most moms will suffer from a lack of sleep when their babies are uncomfortable, want to be held or want some things to eat. In either case, typically, a mom's lack of sleep can range from 400 to 700 hours within their child's 1st year of birth.

According to some studies, when people sleep well, they spend most of their time dreaming. Which means, there is only a little time during these hours that their minds are actually blank.

4 - Your Dream and What Scientists are Saying

Even though scientists are not really sure, they do believe that animals have dreams when they are asleep as well.

5 - Bereavement

Insomnia is normally associated with bereavement. So, people may need assistance like sleeping pills during these times. Once the person takes sleeping pills, its helps to disrupt the grieving during these periods.

6 - Fun Facts About Sleep and Sleeping Lightly

When people sleep lightly, they rarely dream.

7 - Affects on Response Time

People need their sleep because it can affect an individual response time. For instance, if an individual has not slept for a period of 3 days, scientists are saying that the lack of sleep can be equivalent to an individual having too much to drink.

8 - Animal Vs Human Sleep Hours

Animal behavior has been observed and there is a major difference between how humans sleep and primates sleep. According to numerous studies, primates normally sleep at least 10 hours a day, while humans will sleep on the average of 7 hours. Which means, primates can sleep as much as 3 hours more than humans on a regular basis.

9 - Age Groups and Sleep Requirements

Although most people are told that they need at least 8 hours of sleep each night in order to function properly, it is important to note that the total hours needed will vary from one age group to another. For instance, teenagers and babies need at least 10 hours of sleep each day, while the elderly over the age of 65 will only need 6 hours. The 8 hours average normally applies to people who are in the age group of 25 - 55.

10 - Internet Adversely Affects Sleeping Patterns

While the Internet is a great tool for taking care of virtually any type of need that a person envisions, continuous access can be a major disruption to an individual's sleeping patterns.

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