Drinking Tea Is A Proven Healthy Choice

Drinking tea is an ancient practice still popular today for good reasons. Those reasons being in part the benefit it brings to our health, which are significant when looking at the evidence. Many studies have been conducted throughout the years indicating the benefits of drinking tea, yet tea is not a cure all and there are differing factors to consider. Overall though, it could be said with confidence that drinking tea is a proven healthy choice.
There are four main types of tea: green tea, black tea, white, and oolong. Also, teas can be consumed iced or hot. Herbal "tea" isn't technically a tea, as it contains different mixtures of plants. Most of the studies are looking at green teas, which show the best health benefits of the teas.
When thinking about the health benefits of teas through research, also consider the beneficial behavioral factors drinking tea brings. For instance, when drinking iced or hot tea people are substituting other unhealthy drinks such as soda, alcohol, and sugary fruit juices with artificial ingredients. Choosing a plain tea (without sugar and unhealthy additives) instead of these other drinks can be a good choice for our health in general. Also, when looking at the holistic benefits tea can give to our health, consider the behavioral pattern of relaxation it brings to settle down with a hot cup of tea after a long day. These two aspects of drinking tea are observational evidences we can generally agree are beneficial to our health.
When it comes to the science of the actual ingredients in tea being beneficial to our health, we can find ample evidence as well. For instance, the antioxidants contained in tea are a very powerful ingredient, which does many things including: burns fat as fuel, helps reduce the risk of cancers, reduces the risk of depression, reduces the risk of cardiovascular and liver disease, and helps our bodies fight free radicals! Wow, these are great benefits for our health, right? For tea to have the best health benefits, studies show the dosage is very important. In particular, participants in many various studies drinking 3 cups or more a day begin to show the most health benefits from drinking tea.
A study by the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicines showed that the thousands of participants studied drinking tea: had improvements in various forms of liver diseases, were less likely to have heptocellular carcinoma, liver steatosis, liver cirrhosis, and chronic liver disease. These findings from thousands of studied participants confirmed earlier studies.
Also, a study done by the European Journal of Epidemiology found three cups of tea consumed each day resulted in a reduction of coronary heart disease by 27%, cardiac death by 26%, stroke by 18%, mortality by 24%, cerebral infarction by 16%, and intracerebral hemorrhage by 21%. And finally, the drinking of tea has been found by the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry to even lower the risk of diabetes by 4.6%.
In general there are many benefits of drinking tea without the negative health risks. One negative could be drinking too much tea containing caffeine isn't good for you. Maybe burning your lip if the tea is too hot may be a negative. As you can see though, there's a reason why drinking tea is an ancient practice still is in fashion today.
All the health and lifestyle benefits that come with drinking tea are a great bonus to the fact most people simply like the taste of tea in general. And although drinking tea isn't a cure all for diseases and diets, we can conclude overall that drinking tea is a proven healthy choice.
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