How to Get Lustrous Hair

In a world of flat irons, hot combs, curling irons and every other straightening tool in between, it's extremely refreshing when a new product comes along that can instantly make your life easier. And Apalus has come up with a new hair gadget that does just that. Why comb your hair straight when you can easily achieve the same results with a brush? That's right, the straightening brush adds a new dimension to hair care and grooming.

What Does It Do?

This digital brush offers all of the convenience of a flat iron while doing away with your need to comb your hair during the process. Its bristles are evenly spaced out so as to allow you to manipulate, detangle and straighten hair all at the same time. This tool is versatile and is said to work with every type of hair texture. You simply plug it into the wall, allow it to heat up to the temperature you need and it will straighten hair in under two seconds.


One of its best features is that it is extremely light weight and is made of ceramic material. Each bristle on the hair brush is iron plated. There is also an iron plate located beneath the bristles. This tool features heat control options and offers various temperature settings. So you can easily adjust the temperature with the plus and minus controllers which are located on its handle. The maximum temperature is around 230 degrees and it tends to warm up rather quickly.

This product can be handled safely as it has been fitted with a guard and the bristles along the edges remain at room temperature. It's also 100% antiscorching. Though, it is recommended that you hold the brush only by its handle because the top portion tends to contain the most heat.

How To Use It

The straightening brush is extremely easy to use. You simply brush your hair as you would normally. However, it is worth noting that this product works best if you brush with a regular brush or comb before styling in order to remove tangles and make the process even more smooth. You should also make sure that you take one small section at a time, especially if you have long hair. The more you pay attention to each strand of hair, the more evenly the heat is distributed throughout.

The digital straightening brush by Apalus has made quite the impression on buyers. Unlike the flat iron, it does not require a lot of time. Unless the comb, it has the ability to truly straighten. An unlike the brush, it has the ability to give an extremely smooth appearance.
So if you're looking for an all in one tool, then the Apalus digital straightening brush may be just what you're looking for. It can help you cut down on your styling time as well as give you the well-groomed beautiful hair so desire.This tool definitely adds something new to the world of straightening.

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