Listen To Your Parents About These Five Things

No one wants to listen to their parents. Their parents didn't even want to listen to their parents in many cases. However, parents have been around for at least a decade or so longer than their kids, and so they are going to have some life experience to bring to the table.

In some cases, they will just be armed with the prejudices of their generation, not to mention the same biases that all older people seem to bring to the table regardless of their generation. It seems that all older people will talk about how the kids these days have it easy and don't respect their elders, since Socrates himself said that and people have been saying it ever since. However, it does still sometimes pay to listen to your parents, and here are five ways in which they might be right.

Being around people who don't challenge you is a bad idea.

People should want to grow and change with time, preferably in a good way. People who hang around individuals who aren't as smart as they are will stagnate, and the same goes for all other qualities. The individuals who bring out the best in each other will reach their personal best. The individuals who bring out the worst in each other will sink to the bottom.

Vegetables are tastier than you think.

People grew up eating the vegetables that their overworked, stressed-out parents prepared for them when they were in a hurry, so it's no wonder that the vegetables didn't taste good. Vegetables that are prepared in a better way are delicious. It's all about presentation. Adults who learn the cooking secrets to good vegetables will like them.

You really do know less the more you learn.

People tend to be convinced that they are right about everything before they have really learned anything about the world. By the time they have, they will realize just how complicated the world can be, and this will only become more pronounced with age. This is largely due to contrast: people will realize how ignorant they were in retrospect after they have learned certain things, making their younger selves seem naive by comparison, and highlighting how much they have left to learn. Education is an ongoing process that will leave people stunned by the complexities of life.

Growing up too fast is truly tragic.

Your childhood years should not be the best years of your life. However, these are the years in which you are going to be more protected, more sheltered, and more shielded from the harsh realities of adulthood than you will at any point as a grownup. You should try to appreciate this aspect of this life stage without being concerned with pushing your development too hard.

It's better to try and fail than fail at trying.

Children all have to learn that failing is part of life. It's hard enough for adults to accept this. However, the sting of failure fades, and the regret about missed opportunities is going to sting far more for many adults. People really are better off going for certain goals than skipping them due to a fear of failure.

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