Quick Fixes for 6 Grooming Mistakes Men Make

Grooming is not left only to the ladies; men care about their appearance too, and there are a few things men must keep in mind when grooming and keeping up their appearance. Below are 6 of the most common grooming mistakes that men make or don't consider, and how to fit these grooming mistakes.

Some men need to be told this: when your neck hair has grown wild a couple weeks after your last haircut, it does not look good. From the back, it looks unkempt and the clean line of the nape of your neck to your head of hair looks more like a messy overgrowth. This could possibly make your overall look seem unhygienic no matter how good you smell. The speed of light is faster than the speed of smell, and for those who lay eyes on you make an immediate first impression of you, especially in the workplace and especially in job interviews and on dates.
Taking care of this is simple: get a home trimmer which you can find pretty cheap, and have someone trim up the nape of your neck. It's not a weird request, and whoever you ask will be glad you asked rather than ignore that hair on your neck. 

If you are good enough at it, you can do it yourself. This also saves you money, not having to get your neck trimmed at a salon between haircuts. Also, make sure you trim the hair of the neck completely if you have hair that strays down a little further and almost counts as back hair, get it all and complete your smooth look.

Men's eyebrows are the most prominent and important parts of their face. This feature frames the face, is attractive, and are a way of communicating with others. So, for those who have a bit of hair in between the two brows, whether there are a few stray hairs or a straight-up unibrow, make sure you pluck or wax the hair from between the brows.

By plucking (via tweezers) or waxing the hair, you are ripping the hair out and you will not have to do it again for some days, depending on hair growth. Ladies do it all the time, and it is just as important for men, and can do wonders for transforming your face completely.

Whatever you do, DO NOT shave in between your brows. It may seem the quickest route, but unless you have 30 seconds to get out the door for a job interview or special event, avoid the razor and I'll tell you why: when you shave hair, it starts growing back (within a day when shaving), darker. This is because when you shaved that hair, you cut it at the thick base and out comes the thick cross-section of the hair you just shaved. This is why stubble appears dark and broad. So, avoid daily shaving and regrowth by tweezing or waxing. You will thank yourself for your fresh look.

Trimming Pubic Hair

Everyone adult in the world has private areas and everyone has pubic hair down there, there is no shame in talking about hygiene and grooming pubic hair. It is an important part of self-confidence, keeping clean, feeling attractive, and looking good. As a man, do not feel obligated to wax or shave everything down there (in fact, shaving can be a dangerous zone downstairs, especially if you break out the electric trimmers it is not recommended).
However, trimming your pubic hair from a wild bush to a neat, trimmed look makes a huge difference in hygiene and self-care. Just bring down the length of the hair a bit and you'll be happier and so will your partner!

Exfoliating After Shaving

This is an important mistake that men should not read past. Most men do not know or realize that after shaving any part of your body (your face, your chest, etc... ) that exfoliating decreases the likelihood of getting red bumps and getting infected or in grown hairs.
Exfoliating cleans out the skin where you just shaved that's an extremely important step after shaving. If you want that smooth look post-shave, then make sure you wash the area and preferably use an exfoliating sponge (no, that is not just for the ladies) or even a wash rag: anything to get rid of the newly shaved hair and dead skin from your body.

Clean Ears and Nose

While not seemingly a big deal, remember that ear wax and ear hair can be seen by everyone but yourself. Once noticed, it cannot be unseen. This may gross some people out and take their focus away from your great personality, your intellect, and good looking face. In addition, wax can lead to an infection. It takes 30 seconds to de-wax your ears, so make sure that your listening pipes are properly clean and you have trimmed the protruding hair. Many trimmers on the market are multi-purpose and have different attachments for facial hair, nose hair, ear hair, etc... and are pretty cheap. Buy one, because it is an investment you will not regret.Nose hairs are also unsightly. If you have one or more protruding hairs coming out of your sniffer, it can be distracting, slightly off-putting, and is noticeable. Again, just a few seconds with a trimmer, and you can trim those hairs, dramatically changing your appearance and image by such a simple task.

Keeping Facial Borders Clean

A man who likes to wear stubble, a mustache, a regular short beard, or a full beard, all know that faces do not have natural borders that cleanly shape the face. In a few seconds in the morning, take a moment to shave or trim around the facial hair you are growing and showing off even the stubble! It is noticeable when there are different levels of hair growth on the face, and it is a strange sight.Hair grows at different rates, so if you are cultivating a nice beard or facial hairstyle, it makes all the difference in the world to shave the edges to make the transition from hair to smooth skin, nice and crisp. This uniform look that only takes a few seconds will make you look put-together, in control and help show off your best during job interviews, dating, socializing, and will boost your self-confidence. It's like wearing a tuxedo when dressed or cleaned up nice, you stand straighter, look bold, and feel great.

Bonus Grooming Tip

This article could not end without mentioning the neck beard. Gentlemen: shave the neck beard. Unless you have a full beard going on or are an actual lumberjack, the neck beard is not a good looking or functional hair statement. Neck beards ruin a nicely trimmed neck, a nice haircut, great facial hairstyle, and make it look like you have put zero effort into grooming and hygiene. While shaving (even if it is to clean up some lines around your facial hair), get to that neck beard.

A good rule of thumb is shave or trim it at least to above your Adam's apple. Stubble growth looks great on a man's face, but not down his entire neck. Make a statement by taking care of these few hygienic and grooming tips that will take a total of 5 minutes tops out of your day.

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