The Case Against Working Too Often

Work-life balance. This is a term often forgotten in our hustle-bustle world. From a young age we are told that our duty in life is to work. And, while there's certainly nothing wrong with a hard day's work, it can be hard for many of us to remember to take time to ourselves to relax. Taking time to enjoy your life at the end of a long week, as it turns out, is the furthest thing from an unproductive practice here's why.
People Often Have Poor Work-Life Balance
It is estimated that one third of people don't have a good work-life balance and tend to work more than they should. In fact, nearly 9 out of 10 cases of stress in Canada are said to be attributed to work. This is a very large and concerning number. Working day-in-day-out has become commonplace in our culture and is clearly causing some pretty nasty effects on those engaged in the practice.
Why Overworking Yourself Is Terrible For You
There are a tonne of potential negative effects to working too much, on both or physical and mental health as well as our work productivity. Working as much as some of us do is truly a terrible practice. Here are some of the more common effects of overworking yourself.
As previously mentioned, way too many cases of stress are caused, in whole or in part, by one's work. Of coarse, not all stressors at work can be avoided, but they can certainly be mitigated by only spending an appropriate amount of time at work. Stress is experienced far too often by far too many people because they work far too much. Making a point of not staying out late this Friday night might be all it takes to put a dent in one's stress levels and increase their quality of life.
Poor Health
Sitting at a desk all day isn't good for anyone. It has been suggested that those who work desk jobs are reducing their life expectancy through dormancy, and spending even more time at that dreaded desk will only make things worse. The aforementioned stress also takes its toll on one's physical well being. While staying active outside of work may begin to mitigate the damage caused by sitting around all day, putting yourself in a stressful environment for longer than you need to is never a good idea.
Lack Of Productivity
Ironically, those who spend too much time working may actually get less done while doing so. Stress, poor health and even just plain old redundancy can cause one to drag themselves into work and perform a sloppy job up until closing time. In the end, working oneself to death has the opposite effect it was originally meant to achieve, furthering the case that we all need a weekend off every now and then.
Take Some Time To Enjoy Your Life
Are you working too much? If you are, odds are you're not getting as much out of it as you may think. While we may sometimes face extenuating circumstances, it's a good idea for both your physical and mental health to take time to yourself when you can and enjoy your life. Oddly enough, you'll most likely end up getting even more stuff done when you do work.
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