The Hidden Beauty That Is Bangkok

Bangkok is one of those cities that just hits the exact right spot when it comes to exotic destinations. It is modern, but not the antiseptic kind that you might see somewhere in Europe. It is loaded with luxurious destinations mixed in an intricate chemistry with the downtown sprawl of wires and broken pavement. It is expensive, yet affordable, modern yet full of character, culture and warmth. The warmth does not only come from the hot tropical sun but also from all the smiles on the friendly people.

It is packed with high-end five star hotels as well as tasty and exotic food stalls, Buddhist temples alongside skyscrapers. However, among all the luxuries, zoos, temples, exotic food and markets, it is the people that make visitors come back again and again. Bangkok is ranked among the friendliest cities in the world with its infusion of urban life and the old Thai tradition of hospitality and grace. 

Bangkok is the largest city in Thailand and contains plenty of attractions that are bound to tantalize your senses. Whether you are interested in a vacation, advanture or history, you will find a place and a new experience that you can be guaranteed of never fiding anywhere else.

First of all, if there is anything you can count on to be surprised during a trip to Bangkok is your taste buds. You can choose to wine and dine in one of the five-star hotels or go for the colorful food stall in the streets if you are feeling a little more adventurous. The culinary adventure that you will experience in Bangkok is out of this world. From the staple jasmine rice that goes with pretty much any spicy accompaniment or for an exotic kick, why not try the fried caterpillars or cockroaches in the Bangkok night markets?

As a matter of fact, a lot of daring travelers have made eating fried insects a kind of the climax of their trip to Thailand. You are sure to find a lot of foreigners with cameras and a plate full of fried insects. Some of them just prefer to take pictures. So much that the owners of the stalls charge around 10 bahts just to take the photos. But do not let that deter you, they are running a business, though it may look like something ripped off directly from the Ripley's Believe It or Not show.

Bangkok features a maze of markets that is full of stall selling everything from fried insects to reptiles for pets. The biggest market among all of them that sprouted before the shopping malls or the skyscrapers is the Chatuchak market. This is a huge flea market located in the northern part of Bangkok that contains everything, literally. Walk around and shop for knockoffs of designer wear, exotic potted plants, spicy food, reptile, Thai massage parlors and aromatherapy oils. This market is so big you will have to be careful not to get lost. If you are a shopaholic, this experience will give you the biggest exotic shopping adventure with a chance to shop in the most different environment you thought possible that will definitely expose you to a contrasting sense of creativity as well as the entrepreneurial spirit of the Thai people.

Experience nature

Bangkok is known for hosting one of the largest open zoos in the world. Take a drive through the Safari Park and for a second, you will think you are somewhere in the Serengeti thousands of miles away in Africa, that is until you see the majestic tiger. The Marine Park also boasts of seals and dolphins you can be sure to enjoy watching. 
In 2008, Bangkok was named the best city in the world by the World's Best Awards Readers' Survey, beating cities like Rome and New York.

Bangkok is normally in the top 5 best cities but this was a great appreciation for the rich culture, outstanding shopping opportunities, unbelievable cuisine, vibrant day and night sceneries and of course, the people who give life to this great city. As a parting tip, always make sure you have a shirt on although the heat can get very high in some parts of the year. Walking around without a shirt could land you in jail since its illegal.

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