Things to Discuss With Someone before Having Sex

It is amazing and disturbing at the same time how many people feel comfortable enough having sex with someone yet they are shy in asking important questions before the sex. If you are comfortable enough to have sex with someone, you should also be comfortable enough to ask the important questions before the sex. 
This will go to protect your body and mind as well as set your preferences, consent etc. Here are things do discuss with someone or people in relationships should discuss before having sex.
StatusEven though sex can bring great pleasure, but you must be aware of the dangers of unprotected sex, which leads to negative consequences like getting STDs. Many people in relationships are aware of HIV/AIDS and other STDs but still carry a false sense of security when doing sex with certain partners. Don’t just ask about someone status but get proof of the test. 
Testing needs to be done every six months since even if someone tests negative, it would have taken a while before the virus shows up in his/her system. People in relationships should go testing together. Ask to see someone’s results and also present your own. And ask to use a condom.
ApprovalPeople should discuss about each other’s approval before having sex. Instead of waiting or assuming that someone will automatically say yes, you should check in with the person about how he/her feels and if they want to have sex with you. The person may feel he/she wants sex but not with you.
PregnancyVaginal sex can lead to pregnancy so it is important that before you engage in vaginal sex you get to know the other person’s views about the matter—what would happen if pregnancy occurs. Talk to your partner about birth control and other prevention methods. But be aware that birth control pills or syringe and condoms are not bullet proof. So discuss what each of you would do in case pregnancy occurs. It is better to talk about this ahead of time, when both of you are level-headed and calm, instead of after pregnancy has occurred.
Bedroom PreferencesDo you like it gentle or smacking it or smacking it in the air? People make mistakes engaging in sex with a new partner pulling the same moves they did with their old partner. Have a conversation about what each person likes or dislikes. This would not only create intimacy and be part of foreplay that attracts anticipation, but will save you some awkward moments when you are getting on with it.
Emotion After-EffectsSex is more than physical as it also involves passion so there can be some emotional consequences. If you are the person who doesn’t mind who you have orgasms with or who has your heart, be sure to enquire from your partner his/her intentions beyond the sexual encounter. Some may find the sex to be romantic and satisfying thus seek to be in a long term relationship with you, but you may have a different view. So being clear about your intentions will help you avoid the awkward “what we are” conversation after the sex.
Other Partners Are each of you sexually exclusive or sleeping with other people, and did each of you use protection or just went on with it without protection. This is about protecting yourself and making informed choices.
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