What's Love Got to Do With Your Health?

While a lack of a love life can be depressing for a person, it can also have a much greater effect than most people realize. People who are in a loving committed relationship may be protecting their health. Over the years, much research has been carried out to determine what role love plays on a person's health. Recent research suggests love can be a lifesaver when it comes to keeping the immune system healthy.
Scientists have been successful in finding evidence that suggests those who are in love have stronger immune systems. This means they are able to fight viruses more efficiently. Through a study conducted by the University of Iowa, it was found women with ovarian cancer, who were in a loving relationship, had more vigorous killer cell activity. Killer cells are white cells that work to destroy cancer cells. Because of love, people who are facing life-threatening illnesses are more likely to recover.
According to the National Longitudinal Mortality Study, research that has been carried out since 1979 proves those who are married live longer and suffer from fewer heart attacks and cancer than those who are single. Married people even suffer from fewer episodes of pneumonia.
Unfortunately, it is not enough to simply be in a relationship. Those who are in bad relationships end up experiencing detrimental health effects that can even be worse than those who are single. Toxic relationships end up putting a person's body under stress which can cause their immune system strength to falter. Studies have shown couples who are constantly fighting are more likely to become ill with colds and simple viruses than those who are happy in their relationship.
Not only does being in love comfort a person's heart, it can also lower a person's blood pressure. The doctors at the University of North Carolina found hugging helps to release oxytocin which is a hormone that relaxes the body. This same hormone dramatically lowers the blood pressure. The more one hugs, the higher their level of oxytocin. Studies show frequent hugging can have almost the same effect as many of the most prescribed blood pressure medications.
Through many scientific studies, health experts now agree love is crucial for keeping a person at their highest level of health. Though many advancements have been made in medical treatment, none can truly mimic what love can do for a person.
If you want to make the most of your health and help prevent your body from developing diseases, it can help to find your true love. They say love makes the world go around and that may be true, but love is especially important for keeping you healthy.
With plenty of love in your life, your immune system will remain strong so it can fight bacteria and the body can remain healthy and strong. Not only will you be gloriously happy, but your body will thank you by keeping you free from illness. With love, you will live longer and experience the true joy that life can bring.
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