Why Parents Should Have The Sex Talk With Their Child

The “sex talk” involves a conversation between a parent(s) and a child/children about sexual intercourse. The conversation involves the risks of sexual intercourse, pregnancy, STDs, methods of protection, as well as some of the emotional responsibilities involved in sexual intercourse. As a parent, it may be difficult to have the “sex talk” with your child; not only may this be difficult for the parent to engage in this conversation, it may be difficult for the children to engage in it. The parent and child may both share feelings of awkwardness. Although the “sex talk” can bring on such feelings, it is well worth it in the end. Below you will find reasons why parents should have the “sex talk” with their child or children.
Safer Sex 
Studies have shown that there is a link between parents having the sex talk with their child and safer sex. In this situation, safer sex means using both condoms or birth control as a method of protection against pregnancy and STDs. This link is most strong for girls and teens who talk to their mothers about sex.
When parents have the sex talk with their children, they are educating their children. When it comes to sex, or anything for that matter, it is important to educate your child. Educating your child on the dangers that sex can present such as diseases, infections, or pregnancies is important. Although the goal is not to scare your child out of having sex, it is important to make them aware of the possibilities. If a child is more educated on sex, they are more likely to think about their choices when it comes to having sex. Studies have found that children who have had the “sex talk” with their parent(s) are more willing to delay sexual intercourse. Having “the talk” can cause a child to think about sex in a different way which may make them decide to save sex for when they are 100% ready.
Increased Comfortability Discussing Sex
Having the “sex talk” with your child is likely going to make them feel more comfortable talking about sex. Once you build the bond and comfortability with your child, they may feel more comfortable in talking to their partner, or future partner, about sex. This is important because it allows the child and their partner to discuss their sexual history and whether or not they are fully ready. If they are not comfortable, it is possible that important information that may affect their sexual health may be left out.
Provides Information Teachers Cannot
Throughout the world, sexual education is taught in different ways and at different levels. Each curriculum varies, but it is the teacher's goal, to provide students with as much information about sexual health and sexual intercourse. Although this is beneficial and children do learn from it, parents who talk to their children about sex can provide more useful information. There are some questions that students may not feel comfortable asking their teacher.
They may feel more comfortable asking their parents questions, and having the "sex talk" gives the child a chance to ask all the questions that may not be getting answered in class. Parents engaging in the "sex talk" provides further education than what is provided in school, and it also answers any questions or concerns that may not have been addressed.
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