Herpes Is More Common Than You Think

You probably think that if you are careful about who you are with and you practice safe sex that you don't have to worry about diseases like herpes. After all, you've been taught for most of your life that doing these things will help you stay healthy.
The truth is, a lot more people have herpes than you think. In fact, the numbers are actually quite staggering. Even those who have always practiced safe sex and done everything else possible to avoid the disease probably have it in one form or another. The truth is, there are probably a lot of things about the disease that you didn't know.
First and foremost, about 90% of adults have herpes. There are eight different types of the disease but the most common types that are experienced by adults are Type 1 and Type 2. Furthermore, two-thirds of the adult population have experienced cold sores on their lips or sores on their genitals as a direct result of the disease. This is a staggering number, to say the least. It is one that usually makes most people stop and think as they realize how easy it is to contract the disease and how they've probably had it for a very long time. 
Another interesting fact about the disease is that it never goes away.
People that are infected with herpes will always be infected with it unless a cure is found at some point in the future. Right now, no cure exists. With that being said, there are plenty of treatments that exist which can keep the disease in check and let you live a normal life. In many cases, you can go on for years and have no idea that you are even infected with the disease. Once you start showing symptoms, you can benefit from a number of different medical treatments that can reduce symptoms.
The important thing to remember is that the disease does not always flare up. Even when you have it, there are plenty of times that you will not have to deal with symptoms at all times. With that being said, a flare upcan occur at any time. More importantly, you can actually pass the disease from one person to the next whether you show any symptoms or not. A lot of people think that as long as they're not showing symptoms, they're not contagious. That is not correct. Typically, only about 20% of people pass the disease on to someone else whether they're showing symptoms or not, but it is possible for you to be contagious even when you haven't had symptoms in quite some time.
One of the good things about having herpes is that it can actually increase your immunity to other diseases. Because it never leaves the body and it forces your immune system to constantly suppress it, it can actually benefit you when it comes to other bacterial infections because your body can snuff them out before they ever even get started. The next time that you get a cold sore, you'll probably think about herpes in an entirely different way than you ever have before. At least now you know facts.
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