Love and its definition around the world

What is love? Love can be defined in many ways such as it is a beautiful word or it is a feeling that one expresses towards someone or something or caring about someone or something. For example, when you care and have feelings for another guy or girl or pet, then that can be described as love. In the modern world today, love can be said to be very complex.
The Love IS project was founded by Chrissie Lam and its intention is to spread love around the world through different projects. The platform aims at connecting people from around the world by allowing them to share stories and describe what love really means to them.
Around the world, love is compared to the feeling of happiness, joy and any other feeling that is associated with it. While people around the world have a different perspective on the subject matter, no perspective is lesser than the other.
Every person gets to experience love in one way or another at some point in their lives. Every individual has undergone an experience that they can say it changed their life. Love is and has always been an open-ended subject that why it’s hard to come up with a specific definition of it. Chrissie Lam has been able to vouch that love is unique in each and every individual regardless of the social status, economic class, religion, ethnicity and country.
The Love Is project is not only a platform where people get to define what love is but it is bound by a simple red bracelet that has the word ”LOVE” beaded on it. Having worked for American Eagle Outfitters as a concept designer, Chrissie left the job to start her own project – The Supply Change- which enabled her to bring different worlds and concepts together.
The Love Is project began in Kenya where Chrissie worked with Masai women who live in the southern part of the Great Rift Valley. During this time, Chrissie and the women developed a vibrantly colored message bracelet with the word LOVE on it. The bracelet is made from local beads that are used by the Masai women to make their own ceremonial bracelets. Through their bead work, the Masai women are also able to sell their products to the Kenyan people and tourists who visit them with the sole purpose of interacting with them and learning about their lifestyle.
On a flight to Moscow, Chrissie met two girls from Uzbekistan and Kyrgyztan. She struck a conversation with them on what love is. The answers that the girls gave Chrissie inspired her finally taking photos of the two girls and posting them on Instagram. From the photos and the number of interested viewers who commented on them from around the world, the Love Is project began. The project has gained popularity around the world and has featured more than 500 people representing over 90 different nationalities.
So, what is your perspective about love? Share with a family member or friend via social media or messaging chats about what love is.
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