Most Beautiful People in the world

There are many beautiful people throughout the world and they are scattered among different countries. It can often be an interesting exercise to think about where the most beautiful people are based and in this video we get the top 10 locations where you will find the most beautiful people. So where exactly are the top 10 places for the most beautiful people and why are there so many beautiful people in these locations? 
Brazil is known for having individuals of many different nationalities and this results in a wide range of beautiful people. Men are seen as athletic and women are curvy and sexy. 
Then there is France which is known for its sophistication and beautiful cities such as Paris. Known both as a city of love with the language of love within it, France is high up on the list of beautiful people contained within the country.
With over 300 million individuals living in the USA, it is one of the best locations for beautiful people and has given the world many gorgeous models and actors. 
Next is Norway. The data collected by this website found that Norwegian women were extremely high on the most beautiful people on the planet and this puts Norway within the list as well. 
Argentina is next on the list and is so because of the sexy Latinos that come from the location. 
Canada is next on the list and has managed to become a location for sexy individuals thanks to the high fashion styles that are focused on within the country. The individuals who live in Canada also practice more sex than in other countries and this shows that there is a strong attraction within the country.
Denmark is next on the list and is so because of the tall individuals that stand out within the country. There is also a high rating on the data collected on this website for beautiful individuals within the area.
Spain is another location that has appeared on the list and does so because of the extremely handsome men that seem to populate the country. Italy come swiftly onto the list next and does so because of the national sex symbols that have developed from the country. The web statistics show that men are even more popular with their beauty than that of the women within the country. 
Sweden hits the list next thanks to the gorgeous, blonde individuals that the country is known for and the web statistics for these individuals comes very high in terms of their beauty.
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