Reality About Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

We are blessed with countless treasures by nature. Especially for human beings, there are different species of animals and plants which have proven their worth by presenting us the solutions of our health issues. The fruits and vegetables coming from plant genre and the meat from animal groups have solved a lot of our problems over the decades.

We can use the whole fruits and vegetables or extract their oils as there is mustard oil, olive oil and coconut oil. Well! Coconut is neither regarded as a fruit nor a nut, it is in fact from another group of food which is called drupe like apricot.

Talking about the health benefits of various oils extracted from different food groups, olive oil is undoubtedly regarded as the most beneficial. However, it is observed that there are some positive feedback about the oil extracted from coconut too. The traditional ways of extracting oil from coconut is by processing,drying and crushing of the hard white pulp of the drupe. In contrast to the traditional perception, now people tend to regard the oil as one of the healthy extracts.

Back in the decade of the 1980s, oil was believed to cause serious health illnesses as it causes high production of Cholesterol and hence the masses avoided to use it in their diets. But the things changed later on when in 2002 the New Statesman reported that the people who use coconut oil stay safe from the regenerative illnesses, show a healthy BMI and live long. It was also claimed that coconut oil can also be useful to treat Alzheimer but there is no scientific evidence to prove it as yet.

However, the presence, ratio and effects of saturated fats in coconut oil tells a whole different story. Yes! The oil contains 92 percent saturated fats in contrast to butter (64 percent) and beef (40 percent). The high levels of saturated fats are a cause of inflammation of blood vessels. It is also rich in Medium-chain Triglycerides (MCT's), also processed by the liver. The most important MCT present in the oil is the Lauric Acid which is associated with the production of HDL cholesterol which is good for health and reduction of body fat. On the other hand, this oil is a cause of increased production of a harmful type of cholesterol which is called LDL.

According to the experts at Harvard University, the facts about HDL and LDL are not decisive ones about the oil extracted from coconut being good or bad for health. Similarly, one of the renowned Molecular Biologist from the University of California expressed his opinion in 2011 and said that there is no solid scientific evidence about the healthy impact of the oil.

Considering all the available and known facts, it would be impossible to give a verdict for or against the usefulness of the oil. However, if used within limits, there are no known disadvantages. So, it is highly recommended to consume the oil only in baking and beverages where only a small quantity is required for developing peculiar taste.

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