The Different Aging Rates in Men's and Women's Brains

For years, practically everyone has known that men and women age differently. It has been common knowledge for several decades that men typically don't fare as well as women when it comes to getting older.
As a result, they're more likely to get serious diseases later in life and they are also more likely to pass away at a younger age. However, new research shows that the differences between men and women also exist in the brain. In fact, men and women's brains age at a far different rate. There are several key differences that should be explored more in-depth.
Perhaps the most important thing is that men's brains have a tendency to be better developed when it comes to things like muscle coordination and movement. For example, they might be able to balance on one foot better or they may be more adept at a particular sport.
They also might have better dexterity and hand eye coordination than many women. With that being said, their brains also deteriorate at a much faster rate when it comes to things like movement, balance and coordination. Regardless of how athletic a man might be in his prime, there is every chance that he will be far less capable as he gets older.
In addition, the part of the brain that processes emotions has a tendency to age much more quickly in men than it does in women. What does this mean for someone in a realistic sense? It often means that men are simply not capable of handling emotions in the same way that they have always done. Even someone who has always been very mature about his emotions and has managed to keep them in check during difficult circumstances may find himself exploding in rage or crying uncontrollably for no apparent reason. This is not necessarily the fault of the individual, but more likely because of the deterioration within the brain.
As if that were not enough, women's brains age more slowly when it comes to the part of the brain that is responsible for memory. This basically means that women can usually remember better than men as they get older. Almost all men have significant deterioration in the part of the brain that is responsible for memory that is directly associated with advancing age. This might even make them susceptible to dementia and othermemory related diseases.
One of the more interesting possibilities is that lifestyle could be hugely responsible for these differences. Scientists do not yet know if the differences between men and women's brains is hardwired or if it is a direct result of the lifestyle that each vendor chooses. Without a doubt, a great deal more research will have to be conducted before any definitive answers can be obtained concerning this particular question.
One thing is certain, there are a lot of differences between men's and women's brains. As a result, more information can be found about these differences that can help people relate to each other in all aspects of their lives, especially as they grow older together. This research essentially represents the tip of the iceberg and there is much more to be learned in the future.
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