Top-10 Tips to Create Your Best Image

What notions do you implement into the personality of BEST GIRL? Kenzie Elizabeth from Carolina has her own vision of best girl character. In YouTube video, Kenzie gives the viewers cool and girlish tips about how to stay healthy, self-confident and beautiful. Let's take a closer look on these life hacks.
Create a wonderful playlist full of empowering songs
It may sound silly, but smart girls like powerful songs as well as boys. If you are crazy about some sort of empowering song, this is amazing. For any girl, it is essential to realize her self-worth and importance. The songs from your playlist should remind you about your value and uniqueness. If you have any songs that make you feel great, accept them and add to your playlist.
Take care of yourself
For every teenage girl, it is of primary importance to find 'Me' time in her busy schedule. Devote this time to self-knowledge and care. Wake up earlier, make a cup of tea and sit in the armchair with a favorite book in your hands. Do a face mask or visit social webs. Listen to your momentary needs and desires. Have a good chill without any crazy staff around.
Come prepared
Keep little girlish staff at hand. Have a little shampoo or mint gum in your bag in case you or your friends need it. Girls should always help each other.
Do careful shopping
Buy the things that make you feel comfortable, cute and good. If you accidentally come across a nice pair of jeans or a T-shirt, just buy it without any prior planning. Do not but millions of trendy things. You need some expensive high-quality pieces of clothing for special occasions. One quality piece is worth hundreds of bargain sale.
Power of Band-Aid
This is the most necessary thing for little emergencies. Band-Aid is a perfect option for your shoes especially high-heeled ones. Keep Band-Aid as protection for your tender feet.
Do sports. Inside and outside. Exercising is the only way to keep fit and stay healthy. Go hiking and enjoy fresh air, good weather and beautiful landscapes. Stay active and fit.
Know your worth especially in the relationship with boys
If you had a boyfriend who was rude to you, and then suddenly came back and beg for apology, accept his words and move on. Manipulation and bad boys should not waste your time. Life is too short to waste it on worthless people. You deserve more.
Get ready fast
As a teenager, you have many things around to do. If you have an urgent meeting with your friends, use a dry shampoo and a fan to make a good appearance. Keep little things ready at hand all time you need it.
Use dry sheets
Dry sheets can be used after exercising to avoid unpleasant smell and stains on your clothes. They serve as a good helper for the girl who likes a lot of activity and moving around.
Big goals & dreams
Work hard to achieve your goals. Never give up. Concentrate on positive things and follow your passion in life.
The dream of every girl is to stay beautiful, healthy and enjoy the life to the fullest. Introduce the above mentioned tips to your life to make it smarter and more inspiring!
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