What You Must Know About Genetically Modified Animals

Well there has been a debate on whether genetically modified foods are safe for human consumption or not. There are some people who totally have no problem with GMOs while others who are against this types of food. For the first time, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a genetically modified animal for human consumption: the Salmon.
You will expect different reactions from the public with such news. Some going to the streets to demonstrate. The truth of the matter is that almost every food we put on the table is modified in the lab.
AquAdvantage, the company that modified the salmon, combined the DNA of a Chinook salmon and an eel-like species. The fish will grow all year and at a faster rate than the natural salmon. The FDA also says that it is healthy and has no nutritional difference with other farm raised salmon. The big question is, are geneticengineered animals good for health and safe for human consumption? Let's discuss that.
Benefits of genetic engineered animals
Not everyone is convinced that genetic engineered animals can be good for health so no one believes they have their benefits. Well hundreds of research done shows that they truly are safe for human consumption and are healthy too.
These animals offer solutions for improving public health and also enhancing the quality of life. They can improve human health by producing novel replacement, vaccines, drugs and tissues for the treatment and prevention of human disease. For instance a genetic engineered goat was created to produce milk that could prevent diarrhea in children.
They enhance food production and quality. Most countries don't suffer from food security any more thanks togenetic engineered animals. These animals have greatly improved food production capabilities. For instance, a species of chicken was modified which suppresses the replication of bird flu virus and pigs resistant to swine flu are also being bred.
This is a clear indication that people stand to benefit from these animals that have enhanced health, monitored well-being and welfare. This means that there is an increase in productivity enabling farmers to meet the global demand for more efficient, lower-cost and higher quality sources of food.
Since these animals are an improvement, they mitigate environmental impact. These animals can contribute to the improvement of human health and the environment at large since they consume fewer resources and produce less water.
There has been a tremendous growth and complete revolution when it comes to the products that come out of factories in terms of quality. A good example is the spider silk used for both medical and defense applications.
Every year, patients die for lack of a replacement heart, kidney or liver. A research shows that 5,000 organs are needed each year in the United Kingdom alone. Genetically modified pigs may provide the transplant organs that are needed to alleviate this shortfall. So not only are they good for health but can save lives as well.
That said, we need to weigh in the benefits these animals have and how healthy the world would be in we embraced them. Change is always good especially if it's taking the right direction.
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