Why Is Heart Cancer Such A Rarity?

When people think about cancer very few of them would think about heart cancer, unless they had suffered from it themselves, or knew somebody else that had gone through it. When types of cancer are mentioned other more common forms of it get mentioned long before heart cancer.

Cancer and the Heart

Mention cancer and the majority of people will think of bowel cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, lung cancer, and prostrate cancer long before mentioning that cancer can affect the heart too. This is a rare cancer type for a variety reasons, and even if it happened more often other types would tend to have greater publicity.

When it comes to illnesses affecting the heart people know a great deal about heart attacks, holes in the heart, and high blood pressure. They assume that if their hearts are not troubled by any of these conditions that they are healthy. Cancer rarely affects the heart as other conditions can affect long before. Heart attacks if fatal kill before cancer gets to develop in any part of the body. High blood pressure can also prove fatal before cancer can develop, especially if the condition has been undetected and people have assumed that they were healthy. Other heart conditions are more likely to be fatal than cancer.

Another reason why cancer rarely affects the heart is that people inadvertently live their lives in ways that make other types of cancer far more common. For instance smoking and drinking make lung and liver cancers considerably more common. Although people are now more aware of the increased risks of cancer from smoking and drinking it does stop them from doing either.

Some types of cancer are naturally more likely than others simply because of how human bodies are made. For instance breast, cervical, prostate, and testicular cancers are a greater risk than others. Anyone can suffer from these types without doing anything to increase their risks.

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