Your Baby Probably Already Knows What You Are Thinking

A lot of people think that babies just sort of exist. Others try to provide examples of how babies are smarter than many individuals give them credit for. Which theory is true? Are babies really a lot smarter than you ever thought they could be or are they just hanging out, drooling, pooping and waiting to be fed?
Guess what, they are smarter than most people believe them to be. If you want some examples of how babies are smarter than you might have thought at first, check this out. Scientists have recently discovered that they can express empathy and that they even know what you are thinking or feeling when they are as young as 18 months of age. That is pretty amazing, especially when you consider the fact that a lot of people really don't do a very good job of showing empathy at all. Perhaps it is because the babies are simply paying more attention.

If you still don't understand how babies are smarter than you probably give them credit for, you might want to consider the fact that they really are a sponge. You have probably heard that term before, but it is the truth. Babies pay attention to everything. Everything is new to them and they dedicate their full attention to whatever or whoever has got it at the time. Think back to the previous paragraph about how they feel empathy more deeply than most adults. 

They are not distracted by every little problem, and because the whole world is new to them, they have no trouble paying attention to whatever is going on at the time. They love discovering new things. For them, every day is an adventure that is truly filled with wonder. When is the last time you felt that way about a typical day?
One thing is certain when it comes to babies, they love to experience everything to the fullest. 

That is why they can get into so much trouble so quickly if you are not watching them every second. They want to explore their surroundings and they will do so to the fullest extent possible. This is how they learn. When all things are considered, they manage to learn a large amount of information in a very short amount of time and they do a lot of it on their own accord. The next time that you find yourself thinking that babies aren't really all that smart, stop and think about how much they have to learn and process and how easily they manage to do it.

Babies may not be able to tell you what they want right away, at least not in words. They can, however, communicate with you if you are willing to give them the opportunity. More importantly, they know what you are thinking and feeling. You don't necessarily have to tell them, at least not directly. They understand by watching how you act in certain situations. Truth be told, they are probably better communicators than we are as adults- they just go about the process in a different manner.

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