Cat or Dog? Which Makes The Better Pet?

Some people are naturally cat lovers while some are dog lovers and some do not like pets at all. It may be a person's personality, interests, lifestyle or it could be the pet that they had growing up that makes the difference. Whatever the reason, some prefer cats while some prefer dogs. While both cats and dogs make excellent companions, there are some factors that make one better than the other. This, however, typically depends on the person and what they look for in a pet. Here are some factors to consider that differentiate owning a cat or owning a dog.


Caring for a pet can be time consuming and costly. In this category, cats are the winners. Cats require a lot less care than dogs. Cats are independent and can be left alone for long periods of time. They sleep a lot and can find simple ways to amuse themselves for hours such as watching birds from the window sill. They also use a litter box so cats do not have to be let out of the house to relieve themselves. All cats are small so they do not really require the exercise that some dogs require.

Dogs, on the other hand, must be cared for consistently. A dog cannot be left alone for extended periods of time. Dogs require being let outdoors to relieve themselves. Many dogs require daily exercise so a big yard or long walks are important. Most importantly, dogs are not as independent as cats. Dogs like companionship and can easily become board. Aside from having more than one dog to entertain each other, humans need to be present in the daily life of dogs.


Cleanliness is an important factor to consider when choosing a pet. The biggest concern of pet owners is allergies. Cats are twice as likely to cause allergic reactions in humans than dogs. Cats shed and leave dander on carpet and upholstery as well as in the air. Although some types of cats are less likely to cause allergic reactions, cat owners must be cautious when choosing one that will not aggravate allergies. While dogs can also shed, especially long haired dogs, they are less likely to leave behind allergens in the air.

When it comes to cleanliness, cats are one of the cleanest animals. They constantly groom themselves. Cats do not have to be bathed, regularly brushed or professionally groomed. Many dog breeds, however, require professional grooming, regular baths and daily brushing.


Variety of breeds is another important factor when choosing any pet. Cat breeds are not quite as varied as dog breeds are. Different cat breeds do have different personalities. For example, Persians are high maintenance while Siamese are friendly. Another factor is that all cat breeds are small, not leaving a lot of room if a person wishes for a bigger companion.

Dogs come in a variety of breeds and sub-breeds. The American Kennel Club recognizes many breeds and their personalities. Choosing a dog to fit an owners personality, lifestyle or needs is much easier than sorting through different cat breeds.


One of the most important factors to consider in a pet is how it is bred to function. Dogs breeds are differentiated by their abilities. They can be trained to hunt, protect, work or offer service. Dogs can easily be trained and tend to be very devoted and loving to their human companions.

Cats are very independent. They cannot really be trained but do instinctively hunt and kill rodents. Although many cats are loving companions, there will never be as much affection and loyalty to owners as dogs naturally give.


Finally, interactivity is important to any pet owner. How much are they willing to spend entertaining their pet. While some cats are social many avoid people they are not familiar with. Cats can be kept indoor at all times so it is not necessary to take them outdoors to get exercise. Cats enjoy very simple play such as chasing small toys or strings. It is relatively easy to entertain a cat.

Dogs require much more interaction with humans than cats.Even smaller dogs need to be let out once in a while and should be walked. Large dogs require a lot of outdoor exercise and fresh air. A dog owner will have to spend more time playing with their pet than a cat owner.

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