Reasons Why Desserts are So Fulfilling

Everyone likes a good meal. While a good dinner is enjoyed it is dessert that makes the meal memorable. There is more than just the taste of the desserts that make them desirable. Desserts are associated with many memories as well. When a person thinks of dessert they think of some good times that they had. There are some reasons why dessert makes you so happy and satisfied .


 Dessert triggers certain happy memories. When you eat dessert it can bring you back to your childhood filled with ice cream and birthday cake. When we eat dessert the main remembers certain events and associates it with food. Eating dessert is more than just eating sweets. These memories are stored in the brain and they are associated with a certain sweet treat. When we eat these treats again the brain is able to bring the memories back. If these memories are positive than the dessert can make a person happy and they can think of the good times. . Even if these memories are not the best they are still associated with this dessert. It is remembering a happier time.

 Special Occasion

Many people do not have dessert every day. Many people associate dessert with special occasions or celebrations. Many people do not eat dessert every day. They save this for a time when they something special is happening. When you eat dessert it is like a small celebration. Dessert makes you feel happy and even confident. Dessert can be like a small celebration for something that you did well and want to remember.

 Happy Ending

A good dessert can leave you satisfied after a meal. Dessert can make a good meal even better. If the dinner was only okay the dessert can turn it around. A good dessert can make you happy and make good memoires of the company you had dinner with as well. There is nothing like a good dessert to help the evening end on a positive note. Even if the meal was not perfect the dessert can change that around.


Since we were children desserts have been used as a type of reward. For example when a child eats all of their dinner they get to have dessert. Birthday cakes are a type of reward as well. When we eat desserts we are being rewards for something. That is one reason why they desserts can make you happy. It is not just the taste of the dessert but the acknowledgement that goes along with it.

Scientists have found that dessert and treats are associated with specific memoires. Many of these memories are positive such as eating cookies during the holidays or enjoy cake at a wedding. Desserts are more than just sweet treats. While many people do have sweet tooth dessert is more than this. Desserts and the events that are associated with them are stored in the brain. When a person has a dessert not only are they enjoying a treat, they are reliving memories as well.

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