The Charged Life - Finding Your Life's Mission

Brandon Burchard is a world famous personal development trainer whose life's work is to help others live a fully charged life. Most of us believe we are meant to have only one purpose in life. This is untrue and the myth behind it was derived from ancient days when the life span was between 20 and 30 years. With such a low life span, people used to end up being trapped in jobs within the village such as a blacksmith or a butcher.

However, in the modern days, more opportunities are available because we have a longer life span and no limitations. We have been presented with multiple purposes and missions throughout life. But how do we narrow down what really matters to us and what doesn't? Brandon gives us key points to follow in order to find our life's mission:

1. Live the best life you possibly can

This should be a priority for all of us. We can try living the best life by improving on our health, relationships, careers, hobbies, spirituality, and finances. According to Brandon, everyone's mission in life should be, "How can I grow in each of these areas, within my own standards and ambitions". We are asked to look within and question ourselves on how we can better improve in our relationships, our health, or on our day-to-day affairs. The process we undergo to improve on all these areas connects us with new ideas, new role models, mentors, and new knowledge. So go out there and explore, learn new things!

2. Follow your interests

Any interest you have is worth exploring. Be it in fashion, food, design, or photography. By exploring your passions, you are most likely to find your life's mission. The interests you have may be something worth exploring and might even develop into a calling somewhere down the line.

3. Relinquish your boundaries

Before you find your most meaningful mission, you will have to go through a few trials and errors. Allow yourself to transition from one thing to another. Be it in jobs, companies, or your passions. Do not limit yourself. This is perhaps the scariest point because cutting ties from the familiar can deem very difficult. Most successful people in the world are those who tried many different things until they found their calling. Do not get discouraged if things do not pan out, pick yourself up, and pursue a different career, job, or passion. Think of anything you might be interested in and give it a shot. Remember, if you are stuck, you are not moving anywhere. Follow your heart and your head and do not get discouraged by the drawbacks you might face along the way.

4. Help Others

"How can I help?" This is a very relevant question to ask those around you. Sometimes figuring out your life's mission can be tough. You might still not know what your life's mission is after pursuing your passions, and transitioning from different jobs. Sometimes you might figure out your purpose when you help others. Helping others will give you a profound moment of purposefulness. The spirit of helping will help you sour to your full potential.

Do not be afraid to try new things, discover what is important to you, shift around, and do so with 100 percent certainty. All this combined will make you experience what Brandon refers to as The Charged Life.

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