10 Names That Are Insulting To A Child

It really is thrilling when your baby is born and you give it a lovely name. But then there seem to be some people that are way out on a limb in the fact that they want to name their baby odd names, that eventuallythe name gets banned even by the government. Here we discuss ten baby names that have been banned.

1. But then there are some situations that are not the parents' fault for the name that they like for their child. But in Iceland it is impossible to name a child Carolina or with any name that starts with C, because in their language there is no C. But it is funny that in the name of the country, there is the letter c. However, that is the name of the country in the English language, of course.

2. Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii is a pity of name to give a child and for the dear child to have to bear. It almost seems that the name would be larger than the new born baby herself. But now the child has grown some, was made a ward of the court for a while and got to choose a more sensible name for herself, though that name has not been made public. And we have no current knowledge if the child was rejoined to her parents or is being cared for by someone else. But one thing mustbe certain, which is the fact that she would prefer her new name, because she was even too embarrassed to tellpeople previously what her real name was.

3. Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116seems like some lottery number, but in reality this is a name that was given to a child, whose parents say that it is pronounced Albin. Maybe that is how they spell Albin on another planet, but it certainly is not the case here among human civilization on earth. The parents were fined in the Swedish courts.

4. Sor Chai is a name in Malaysia that someone named their child, which means insane. Yes, babies can cry and get on your nerves by times, but it still seems unfair to give a child a name that means insane. So the Malaysian government has cracked down with stricter laws and prohibits such unfair names of children.

5. A couple in France wanted to name their child Damon, but wanted to make it to sound more French by adding an e after the a to make it to be Daemon. But the French government frowned on that, saying that was too close to the word demon and thus banned the name. After many battles in the courts, the family was finally allowed to keep the name for their child.

6. Some parents wanted to name their child 4 Real with both the number 4 and the word real in the name. But the New Zealand government did not accept that a child would have a number in the name; therefore, the name was banned. But the parents still call the child that name in the privacy of their own home, though on legal documents they had to change his name. The parents named him this, because they saw their baby on the ultra sound and realized it was for real that they were having a child soon.

7. It is banned in some places to name a child Harry Potter in order to keep a child from being teased and tormented with the stigma of being name after a fictitious character. It is always a good idea not to name a child with names that would cause them to be taunted otherwise.

8. @ was the name of given to a child in China, because the parents said it looked like the Chinese character that means love him. However, the Chinese government banned this. Someone with this name would not be able to easily get an email address.

9. Mona Lisa is forbidden to be the name of any female in the country of Portugal, though Mona and Lisa are pretty names and do flow well together when used. So no new moms dare to name their little girl this in that nation.

10. It certainly is bad taste to name a child Hilter or Stalin, since these men were known to be ruthless in having harmed many people by way of death. No child should be named after these vicious men.

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