10 Things in Daily Life That Are Not Good for You

Many times people take special note of their health so they will pay close attention to the foods that they eat, their daily exercises and any other thing can affect the quality of their life. In some situations, people are doing things on a regular basis that they may or may not know will affect how they feel as they grow older. To avoid unnecessary problems, it is important that they listen to and follow recommendations made by nutrition, health and other professionals that identify things that can go wrong if they do not change their habits. To that end, here's 10 everyday things that are bad for you.

1. Eating Processed foods

Some people eat processed food everyday even though they hear and understand that these foods are bad for their health. With the addition of extra salt and other kinds of chemicals being combined with certain foods, anyone who eats it can expect their health to be compromised. Some of the more commonly known choices that people are incorporating in their diets includes bacon, bologna, pepperoni, lunch meats, ham a host of other meats that's noted on this long list.

2. Using sun lotion

It's not uncommon for an individual to use sun lotion on their skin to protect it from the harmful sun rays. However, before an individual incorporates this kind of daily regimen, it's important that they consider the type used before applying it. This is because some sun lotions are made with harmful chemicals that have been reported as being responsible for tumors. So, it's best to use no sun lotion at all versus using one with the wrong ingredients.

3. Skim Milk

Some people are milk lovers and they want to drink every day. However, because of all of the calories contained in it, people are switching from whole milk to skim milk. Unfortunately, this change is also problematic because skim milk is made without calories and essential vitamins. It is also available in powdered form that contains oxidized cholesterol that's responsible for arterial flow problems and the risks for heart attacks.

4. Backpack

Children and adults alike carry backpacks to ease the load.

However, people should know this added convenience does have its drawbacks too. In specific, backpacks worn improperly can cause both children and adults serious chronic back pain problems.

5. Too Many Hot Showers

Staying fresh and clean on a routine basis does not appear to create problems. However, taking too many showers can result in multiple issues. Two of the more notable known include premature aging and dehydration that can result in issues like eczema.

6. Wearing Cheap sunglasses

People save money where ever they can so they may choose cheap sun glasses instead of the most expensive. While this savings may seem like it's a great idea, it's not since cheap versions exposes the eyes to UV rays instead of adding protection.

7. Citric Acid is bad for the teeth.

People should avoid any products that's bad for the teeth. Since citric acid is known for eroding them and causing unnecessary decay, people should eliminate it from their daily diets, whenever they can.

8. Eating Popcorn

People enjoy eating a big bag of popcorn at the movies or even when they at home. Even though popcorn makes a great snack, people will find that it is also bad for a couple of reasons, gum infections when getting stuck in the gums and chemicals found in the packaging.

9. Waking up to alarm clocks

Many people wake up to alarm clocks so they will be on time in the morning. Unfortunately, this is also problematic because it's unnatural way of awakening, raises blood pressure and interrupts the sleep instead of awakening naturally.

10. Using Computers

There are many different problems associated with using computers. Some of the more notable include carpal tunnel syndrome from typing, back problems from sitting improperly, and neurological problem from harmful substances.
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