A New You, A Better You

95% of everything you do is out of habit. Let that sink in for a moment. By changing these for the better, you can transform your life. Here is something to think about: Bad habits are quite easy to develop, but also hard to live with. Case in point, it's much easier for most of us to lounge on the couch than it is to say, go for a jog.

On the other hand, good habits are harder to develop, but easier to live with. For example, when you get up and go for said jog, you feel better about yourself which in turn, helps you want to do more things that make you feel good. Thus, better you. It's that easy to transform yourself. Simply replacing the bad with the good, it's easier than you might believe. It can be learned through repetition.

Repetition of the same thought or physical action develops into a habit, and when frequently repeated, becomes an automatic reaction. This can be difficult the first few times, but soon you will notice how much easier it becomes (and how much better you feel) and finally with enough repetition, you will be doing things with hardly any consciousness at all!

What you think about, you bring about. If you believe you can change - if you make it your habit - than that change becomes real. You will become what you think about.

Below are some various tips to help with the process of becoming a better you.

Be goal oriented. Set daily goals, and do them. They do not need to be too complicated. For example, set a goal to walk the dog, or go to the grocery store. The goal does not matter so much as the fact that you are conditioning yourself to be more goal oriented. Write a list of things you want to accomplish that day, and check them off as you do them. You will feel satisfied as you create better patterns.

Be results oriented. Think about what you can do to achieve your results. Focus your energy on the end result. Ask yourself these questions: How can I achieve this? What do I have to do now to get there? How is getting the result make me feel? These questions will help you become more focused on the end result and get you there faster.

Be people oriented. Everything you do is with the direct cooperation or support of other people. Always think about what you can do for other people. This in turn will make other people want to help you.

Be health oriented. To be successful in our fast paced world, you will need a lot of energy. Energy that comes from good wholesome food. Think of food as fuel to keep your body strong and working properly, not as a hobby or something to do while bored.

Stay honest. Always tell the truth no matter the cost.

Have self-discipline. Self-discipline is the foundation to establishing a better you. It is the ability to make yourself do what you should do, when you should do it. No matter if you feel like doing it or not.

Following these tips are sure to bring you positive changes in your life, in no time.

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