Cruelty Free Meatballs

People are demanding a higher quality in the food they eat--and meat is no exception. Through investigative reporting and testing, it has been determined that many meat products sold in supermarkets contain antibiotics, fecal matter, pathogens, and other unhealthy contaminants. These disgusting facts, as well as the environmental impact of raising cattle and pigs for food, have sent inventors on a quest for a purer, more environmentally safe solution.

Many people cannot imagine the suffering of the animals raised purposely for slaughter, after living under horrendous living conditions. It's hard to enjoy a meatball or burger when you think of how it's produced and what awful additives it may contain.

You don't have to go totally veggie to prevent the cruelty to animals through raising animals for slaughter. An innovative company called Memphis Meats has developed a new way to farm meat cells to produce meat products that taste great and cook up just like your favorite burger or meatball.

In Future of Food - The World's First Cultured Meatball, the CEO of Memphis Meats, Uma Valeti, who is a medical doctor and biotechnologist, explains that by farming the meat cells, instead of the animal, you get all the benefits of meat without the drawbacks. They note that the greenhouse gasses emitted to farm meat through cells is 90% less than regular meat production. Their company utilizes the resources of San Francisco's technology coupled with Memphis' reputation for extraordinary chefs and recipes to create the food source of the future. With a growing population it's obvious that the meet supply cannot keep up with demand and solutions had to come from the world of medicine as well as the culinary world.

From the demonstration in the video, Future of Food - The World's First Cultured Meatball, it clearly shows that the "cultured" meatball handles just like regular ground beef. It forms and sizzles in the pan just like a classic meatball and tastes superb. This was a historic moment, as this meatball was the first one cooked without a cow suffering slaughter to make it. The company's website,, states that this meatball breakthrough is only the first step in a vision to change the future of food.

This is great news for vegetarians and meat eaters alike who want to indulge in meat without the worry. It is also great news for the number of cows and other animals who will not endure "farm raised" conditions that many times consist of dirty pens and inhumane treatment.

Corporations churn out the majority of what we buy in supermarkets, far from our popular notion of a friendly family farm where cattle and pigs roam free and healthy. Where meat comes from is just as important as it's USDA grade or price as it makes the difference in our overall health and consciousness.

Companies like Memphis Meats are changing the way we think about food, our environment, and how we plan for the future needs of our growing population.

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