How body language is used in Flirting

We are continuously communicating our inner feelings to the outside world via facial expressions and body language, often without realising it. Therefore body language is an important aspect of flirting. This article helps to answer the question, can body language reveal when someone likes you?

Research shows that our body language is just as important at communicating what we are feeling as what we are actually saying. When dating, look out for the following clues that someone likes you.

Subconscious closeness

When someone likes you they will want to be as close as possible to you. The person will move towards you during a conversation, often ending up very close. If you step back your admirer will unconsciously step forward to help keep the closeness between you.

Establishing a rapport

We usually mirror the gestures of people we are close to, such as friends and family without noticing. This type of mirroring only happens between close friends or people that we really like. If someone who doesn't know you begins to mirror you it's a sure sign that they like you.


When a person keeps smiling for no apparent reason then they are obviously smitten. Especially if this has been going on for longer periods of time.

Body language signals

A person’s subconscious mind is responsible for controlling their body language. Body language can be used to reveal whether someone is interested in you or not. Signs such as tossing the hair in females or acting anxious around you indicate that a person likes you. Some people may also have larger pupils when they see you.

Toe pointing

Research shows that we point our toes towards things we like. This is so that we can walk towards them more easily. We also point our toes away from things we dislike so as to make a quick escape. If someone's toes are constantly pointing towards you then it's a sure sign of love.

Noticing your appearance

If someone likes you they will notice even the slightest change in your appearance. The uncontentious mind filters information from our brains that we don't need so that we only notice what's relevant. If someone has been thinking about you then their subconscious mind won't filter out tiny details about you so they are likely to comment on any changes you have made to your appearance.

Checking to see if you are laughing

When someone likes you will want to see you laughing. After making a joke or saying something funny he/she will glance in your direction to check if you are laughing or not.


Eye's are said to be the gateway to the sole and it's possible to tell if someone likes you or not by their eyes. If the person who's looking at you has shiny eyes then they may like you. People's eyes become more moist so that they reflect more light in the presence of someone they like.

People will gaze lovingly into the eyes of their loved ones. If someone holds your gaze for longer then is necessary then it's a sure sign that they like you.

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