How to Get Someone to Kiss You

If you want to encourage the person you like to kiss you then you may want to follow these top tips. You can use body language to encourage that first kiss and hopefully he will act on your desires. The chances are that the person you fancy will be nervous so by making some gentle suggestive movement you can help to make the process quicker and easier for both of you.

Encourage kissing

First of all you need to be in a situation where a kiss is likely to happen. This mean that you will need to be alone. Do this by inviting the object of your desires somewhere a bit quieter where you wont be disturbed. This could be a quieter room at a party or you could suggest going for a walk.

Eye contact

Once you are alone, the most important point is to make eye contact. It doesn't matter what you are talking about, it's important to look into each others eye as this shows that you are interested. You can also try lowering your chin and looking up suggestively to see if he will make the next move. By being in a submissive posture a guy is more likely to take the initiative and kiss you.


Throughout the conversation try to create an intimate atmosphere by touching him ever so slightly now and again. Gently touch his arm or hands from time to time. Be wary of being too obvious though, so don't linger too long. Don't start rubbing his legs with your hand as that would be too much.


Lean in whilst engaging in conversation as this shows that you are interested in what he's saying. It will also show that you like him. It's also important to smile. Practise the kind of smile that tempts a man in with your eyes and mouth.

Hold your head to one side and stare straight at his lips paying great attention to what he is saying. This is an obvious hint and one that he will find sexy. Then look back to his eyes before glancing at his lips again. Try not to over do this tactic or you may seem desperate or creepy. Just try to do it naturally.

Draw attention to your lips

You could do this by sexily playing with a straw between your lips. Men are attracted to shiny things so wear some lip gloss to make your lips look fuller and more attractive.

Drop hints

Some men just wont be lured in by body language or lingering smiles. In these cases you will have to drop hints to encourage him to go for it. Many guys are just too awkward and act as if they are clueless. Dropping a hint which he can't ignore is a sure way of getting his attention. Tell him that he has nice lips is a great hint.

Remember you can't force a guy to kiss you. If it's meant to happen then it will eventually, you might have to be patient and practise your flirting. If all else fails then you could kiss him first. Sometimes it's best to get things done and most men like women who know what they want and go for it. Good luck.

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