Sharing about your children online can put them to risk

If you are young parents, it’s very likely that you post cute photos of your child on different platforms of social media because you are really very proud of them: what they can eat, how fast they grow, what „skills” they got to learn. But if you think it over a little bit, there’s a great harm that you can cause by doing that, even if you don’t mean to. Let’s dig into it a little bit and reveal why parents who over share on social media ruin their kids?

Protect Your Home, Your Children

First of all, your children can not resist when it comes to sharing because they are too young. But do you think, that 10 years from now they will be happy to see those nudes about themselves that literally everyone can see? Moreover, based on researches, in case of children between the ages of 0-4, 28% of the „sharents” post about sleeping habits, 26% of eating habits, and 19% posts about the most embarrassing thing that should always be kept behind 4 walls, advice for discipline. Is there any better way to embarrass them?

Furthermore, the facts that parents post photos and funny stories of their children raises an interesting question. Is that really their story? Us, adults can decide, or, at least, be more conscious and learn about our stuff put out on social media, but if someone else has to decide what will be shared of you with the world, that is unfair, especially if you can’t stop them.

What’s more, by the time many children are old enough to use social media, their parents already created a profile for them. So basically, it’s like someone creates your own profile years earlier that you would even realize that you have an actual profile. How would you feel about it?

Another good question. If you made a social media profile for your child, when would you actually let them use it? We all know the harmful effect of these media such as being exposed to strangers, bullying, inappropriate content, and addiction. I am sure everyone would like their kids to grow up in a healthy environment, with lots of friends, and safe. But how can you keep them away from all the harm if you already created one of the sources of it? It’s easy to see why parents who over share on social media ruin their kids.

You might not know, but the photos taken with digital devices can contain hidden metadata, that is date, time, location, device, etc. This data can be cracked and this way you can put your child on display and expose them to risk without you even knowing it. That's why parents have to be very careful with cyber security and safety issues, and if posting, turn off the location settings and update privacy settings as much as they can.

So, do you see why parents who over share on social media ruin their kids? Do not expose them to danger under any circumstances. Also, everyone should be considerate of their children. Our parents only had photos in their valets to embarrass us. How would a whole online profile make our child feel? 

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