Understanding What Happens When Death Occurs

What happens when you die? That is a question that many people want to know more about, while others seemingly want to know nothing at all about the subject. Most people probably have a pretty good idea about at least some of what happens, but the truth is, there is a lot going on. Death is definitely not always like it is depicted in the movies. In fact, it can be downright gross in many cases. If you are looking for something that is completely dignified, you probably will not find it here.

Almost immediately after your heart stops beating, a lot of different things start to occur. The first thing that happens is the total relaxation of all of your muscles. However, this is also where it gets rather sloppy. When the muscles relax, they all relax. This means that the body often releases bodily fluids and other substances. For instance, it is not at all uncommon for the body to both defecate and urinate at the time of death or shortly thereafter. That is definitely not something they show in the movies!

In addition to all of the above, the body also starts to cool down immediately upon death. This is how medical examiners are able to determine how long someone has been dead, along with a few other tidbits of knowledge. They also look at whether or not there is any pooling of the blood and if so, they can tell if the body has been moved since death occurred just by looking at the coloration and patterns on the body.

As time goes on, cellular death occurs and the cells themselves burst, leaking fluids out into the rest of the body. Eventually, the body starts to ooze and decay, resulting in a terribly foul smell. Of course, most bodies are handled by professionals before this ever happens, but it is not a pretty sight if it does actually occur.

A body that is not embalmed is left to continue to decay even further. Sooner or later, all of the tissues in the body are invaded and the body starts to break down even more. Insects eventually lay eggs inside the body, resulting in maggots that hatch in about a day. They are responsible for eating a little more than half the body and time and decay take care of the rest.

Death is one of those things that many people do not want to talk about or even think about, but it is something that everyone will have to face sooner or later. Knowing what happens at least arms you with some knowledge about the subject so you know what to expect. It also helps when you are able to look at things from a more scientific perspective than an emotional one. It helps to make it clear that death is really just another part of life that has many steps to it. When you look at it this way, it becomes much easier to change your own perspective about the subject.

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